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understand why his bill was vetoed. maureen kelly, kron4 news. >>> rough day for the raiders. they were at home taking on the philadelphia egg elogist. the eagles, they blew out the silver and black 49-20. kron, ron, was at the game and showed us reaction from the fans. >> pee wee football game going behind me, it may be more entertaining. let's look at the highlights. it was rough. raider nation had to suffer through this one. philly getting the first touchdown. the raiders would bounce back a little bit. from there on out, it was downhill for the raiders. mixed for the quarterback, for philly, throwing seven touchdown passes. that ties an nfl record, by the way. he looks great. the raiders defense, not so much. which talked to dep nis allen before the game. he put it bluntly. >> old fashion butt whipping. >> naturally, the raider nation, they were not so happy. what did you think about the raiders performance. >> it could have been better. it's all right. we're all faithful fans. >> just a little bit better. >> what can you do. >> if getting beat was not bad enough, raiders is sufferi
its tine for a little reflection.s >> gary: welcome home coach raiders try for.500 feels great, feels great. you get nine days away away. un are backed home and the comfort of your own bed with your and food. the raiders can get to.500 >> gary: raiders can get to 500 4-4 sunday at home against the eagles who will likely not have michael vick at quarterback >> gary: their 21-18 win over the steelers was of course sparked by terrelle pryor's record-breaking 93- yard touchdown run >> a lot of the young guys that we a brat and still have a chip on the shoulder but have a top-notch opportunity to be the best their plan really well together. >> gary: the raiders have the bay area all to themselves. >> gary: talking of course about their outstanding quarterback rick that is it. but the team has also benefitted from an opportunistic defense they picked ben roethlisberger off twice in the 4th quarter sunday many of the raiders top defenders are on one-year contracts and want to show they belong >> gary: would you like to buy a t-shirt for your kid after a prior arrest? >> catherine: not for yo
. >> okay. >> well, talking about sports and news coming out of the raiders camp. >> yes. >> i don't think i've seen it. raider was a win yesterday. attention on a raiders coach and his reaction. never seen knit all of my years. we're covering it to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at coveredca.com. >>> handing out the one finger salute to officials in a win. he apologized and will be disciplined by the team. came after mike jacobs called to this supposed hit to the head. it appears he was fighting for the ball coach allen stood by his coach. >> i think he's done an outstanding job defense. i think he's a fiery guy. that is what is i think our players have really taken to that. of i think they've embrace that had. offense outscored their last opponent in the first half. raid yirs led at half time yesterday with only 35 yards of offense and one first down. the defense has been out standing this season. >> it's not always about how pret redoes it look? we have a defense playing out
sunday against the raiders but dennis allen is still worried. >> michael of thvick will start sunday against the raiders, but dennis allen is still worried. >> the knicks and the chicago bulls have lessened his second last with the knicks up by one at in the 80 wens. >> you can see the bulls of defeat the nickel bottle stoppers tonight. >> the bulls knickbokers pierre >> at that is it a crime for nine years. >> ♪ yeah, i dream about bacon. [sfx] wham! so i'm bringing back the blt cheeseburger combo. a juicy jumbo beef patty loaded with hickory smoked bacon and melting cheese plus fries and a drink for just $4.99. but this isn't a dream. it's just a video from my last birthday party. (woman) do you see them anywhere? why don't we go back to their house, wait for them there. yeah, 'cause they'll probably answer the door the sixteenth time i knock. there they are. hi. i'm sorry i followed you here. i just really wish you could give me a few minutes of your time. [speaking native language] i know you would never agree to make it an open adoption, but i just figured maybe you never had
or raiders made any moves. >> reporter: the 49ers' stood at six and two with a five game win streak coming by double digits scorning 30 more planes which makes them the third highest scoring team in the organization derrick they are getting it done! they have been very solid. the 49ers have spent the last weekend and have all been in serious miles but today on the heels of the blow out man of jaguar's coach harbaugh was asked how did it feel to be back home? >> you get nine days away and the self, fresher facility fields and the food. comfort of your own bed in kids. >> reporter: they are on their bye week and players will get a few days off. then after stick november 10th gary will have the latest on the raiders' fraught. front. >> reporter: all talked about a fish and chips and not much else. there were glad to be home heating their own food and sleeping in their own bed. >> catherine: i love that stuff. >> catherine: thanks jason >> catherine: new ahead. we asked to see some of your best halloween costumes and decorations. now we'll share some of them with you. >> catherine: winners an
but does have a habit of walking away from facilities, he was last seen wearing an oakland's raiders shirt and a fishing hat with blue pants and black boots. >> one person suffered moderate injuries in a eight vehicle crash in san jose, it happened in the middle of the commute yes, a big rig hit a light pole on 280 near the meridian avenue exit, the chp says there were three other crashes afterwards as cars failed to slow down. >>> in san francisco the driver of a stolen car will face numerous charges after police say he ran a red light and triggered a 4 car crash in the richmond district. the wreck sent 5 to the hospital including a pedestrian. investigators say he was driving a stolen honda and going 40 miles per hour in a 25 mile per hour zone. >> in a storey you will see only on two, an update on our investigation, we exposed bridge toll cheats who figured out a way to cross bridges for free, they are using cardboard placards which can't be traced and we learned this scam is costing the state millions of dollars every year and that california is the only state in the country that doesn
at the quarterback for eagles against the raiders sunday in place of the injured michael vick. >> gary: the head of officiating says the nfl's competition committee likely will review the league's taunting rule this offseason and that touchdowns that draw taunting penalties might be taken away >> gary: on monday night seahawks receiver golden tate received critcism for his taunting on this 80-yard touchdown catch seahawks head coach pete carroll has already said he is 100-percent against such already exists in college football the san jose earthquakes signed interim coach mark team moving forward. >> gary: he is a good guy. haazig monument. haazig money alone if you have anything negative to say you get tweet us all at kron4 (laughter) >> gary: i had to walk away game raiders because he was not planningery well. playing. >> gary: if you feel like killing someone on your job please step away. >> gary: the touchdown could be taken away so here you go if you want to do the old joke it is a n f l stands for the no fun lying. that seemed pretty harmless >> catherine: that seems pretty harmless avo: a
baskin to please give them a call. >>est laves seen wearing an oakland raiders shirt and fishing hat. >>> clear skies out there now around the bay area, even clear along the coast. there's no fog to speak of there might be a little valley fog. but more sunshine tomorrow. it's going to get colder tonight. 46 in santa rosa. 45 in napa. pretty chilly in the north bay. tomorrow morning, as this morning went, we'll be pretty chilly, santa rosa downtown 38 degrees. 43 in vallejo. you get the idea. tomorrow is another cool start to the day. but we're going to get more sunshine tomorrow. temperatures, today in the mid- 60s, even upper 60s. tomorrow, we're going to see low 70s. we'll talk specifically about the forecast for halloween, and we'll talk about the bay area weekend, temperature forecast. we'll see you back here. >>> a building boom in contra costa county. tonight at 10:30, evidence of a growth spurt that some say walnut creek may not be big enough to handle. >> how some hardened criminals have damaged the building process. "never again grace elizabeth" life insurance from new york
in the third. >>> raiders, they beat one pennsylvania team in pittsburgh last sunday, can they beat another in philadelphia this sunday to improve to 4-4? after leading 21- 3 they held on for dear life down the stretch to beat the steelers. they have to improve on third down in the passing game and terrelle pryor knows it. >> tom bray dehad it this week. it happens, we're not dwelling on that. we can make a lot of plays and a lot of plays to be had. >> eagles reeling so this would be great if the raiders could finish the first half of the season 4-4. >> remarkable. >> thanks. >> that's this edition of abc - hmm. shirley, did you ever date roger ebert? - excuse me? - nothing. britta, did you ever take pictures of your feet and post them on the internet for money? - sha-ha! no. - guys, this history final is going to be killer.
waits until the legal process plays out. smith play play for the rest of the season. raiders hosting the eagle subpenaed at the coliseum. billy lost 2 a row scoring 10 points. quarterback issue. the struggling 0finance i feel in despite a great rushing attack. second in the league. allen raiders head coach say 3 and 5 but still considers them kuwait dangerous. >> i look at the whole body of work not just the last couple weeks. this is an explosive offensive football team that can gain a a lot of yard and points on the board so we have to understand what we are dealing with. >> this is crazy time. bengals dolphins spectacular. somehow escaped here. buried sanders like. going the or way. has the block. cut it back. if 35 yards. ran 80 to score on a 35 yard play. tied at 17. go to over time. bengals on 8 yard line. dawson turned it over 4 times. crashed by cameron in the end zone. losing or game winning safety depending on your perspective. third time it happened in nfl history and dolphins win over cincinnati. first gamers. it's soccer. san jose earthquake versus sea
and was last seen at 2 p.m. on friday at the san leandro bart station wearing a raiders shirt, blue pants and fishing hat. the sheriff's department says they have boxes of records to examine before they determine who to hold responsible for the mess. >> so this is not going to happen anytime too soon. this -- this -- there's no arrest imminent. this case is going to take a very, very long time to put together. >> reporter: it's unclear whether the staff did anything illegal by leaving the house. but roland says this was about right and wrong. >> i just can't see myself just leaving the residents in there like i couldn't -- i couldn't -- i couldn't do that. maybe they would have tried to cook know of themselves and burned the whole place up or i -- i just couldn't have that on my conscience. >> reporter: in castro valley, john ramos, kpix 5. >> tomorrow, alameda county sheriffs and fire will meet with a number of federal, state and local agencies that deal with health and welfare fraud and elder abuse. they will sort out what violations may have occurred at valley springs manor. >>> the po
for the oakland raiders has apologized for the obscene gesture he made on the field in sunday's game against the steelers. now, he made that gesture twice while protesting a referee's call in the third quarter of the raiders' 21-18 win over the steelers. there it is. he says he was in the heat of the moment. he now regrets what he did. well, the national football league is reportedly considering a hefty fine. it could be tens of thousands of dollars. >>> a meeting will be held about the money problems of the moraga orinda fire district. according to a financial audit, the district failed to reserve more than $2 million in general fund reserves. the mine was supposed to be use -- money was supposed to be used to repay debt. earlier, officials decided they were gonna cut daily staffing from 19 down to 17. that's expected to save about $550,000 this fiscal year. >>> it is 7:11. jury deliberations start today in the trial of 18-year-old max wade. he's the teen charged with stealing the luxury car of a celebrity chef and also of attempted murder. yesterday, celebrity chef guy fieri testified he n
facilities. last seen wearing oakland raider's shirt, a fishing hat and blue pants and black boots. >> happening right now, the senate foreigns relations committee is holding a hearing on syria. this is a live picture of the chairman of this committee senator off new jersey. several middle east experts are there to testify including a chemical weapon's expert. and just this morning, there is a report that syria has destroyed all of its equipment to produce chemical weapons. that's according to an announcement this morning for the prohibition of chemical weapons. the next step is for syria to submit a detailed plan for the destruction of chemical weapons stockpile. >>> a strong earthquake hit eastern taiwan hours ago. 6.6 earthquake caused buildings to sway in the capitol. >> 7:49. this coming saturday recreational crab season will begin. set out crab pots or hoop nets. others will use loop nets on the end of a fishing poll. sports fisherman have to make sure the grabs they catch are bigger than 5 across. >> a lot of people looking forward to that. >>> 7:49. let's check in with sal.
go. they are not going to catch pryor. 20, 10, 5, touchdown raiders. >> the great voice of craig papas. the 93-yard have you been a new nfl record. longest ever by a quarterback. the traders only a game outset wild card spot. who would have thought. joining me is san francisco's strait president les wong. the need for helping people get educated even when they have mental challenges. this is in honor of big rowen to help people educate at san francisco. >> he was a legend on cam p. i regret not having the chance to meet him but heard close to four decades the he was an inspiration for student athlete, for football players, for students in general. he is just a wonderful emblem for the university. >> san francisco state, tough economic times. difficult to get educations. >> clearly, we want to make sure that students who want an education have that opportunity. they can come to a school with an incredible reputation and they are going to get a great education. rowen, of course, is raising money so we can get kids less fortunate to get educated. >> there is a hall of famer on this
high clouds, partly cloudy sunday today, mild but sunday looks a bit cooler. we've got raiders hosting philadelphia eagles sunday, looks like nice weather for the game. temperatures in the 60s under partly cloudy skies. overnight lows into mid to upper 40s then, tomorrow, high temperatures under sunny skies. low to mid-60s on the coast. upper 60s around the bay. low 70s inland heefrment is the accu-weather forecast. set your clocks back before sunday we fall back on standard time. cooling down sunday, monday, cooling down tuesday, and wednesday. to thosuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at coveredca.com or call 800-675-2607. to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at coveredca.com. >>> frightening m
a look at this and a raider shirt with his name on it as well as the that st. " i got pryor's br." it's selling like hotcakes. ---terell pr yor. >>darya:top stories we are following on this wednesday morning. as hundreds gather to say goodbye to a sonoma county teenager killed by a deputy last week. protestors marched in the streets, demanding justice for andy lopez. details of the rally coming up. and police are searching for someone who could hold the key to understanding lynne spalding's death at san francisco general hospital. taking a live look at walnut creek this morning. we are looking at another cooler day today. here's erica with a look at our forecast. it is cool. but we will see warm water into the afternoon. looking ahead as we head into the weekend, high pressure is building an elbow by the storm track to our north. we don't have any right to talk about for the next several days. of bringing the 7 day around the bay forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. here's the george. >>george: good morning. there's word of an accident in the berkeley the accident at univer
for the eagles against the raiders sunday in place of the injured >> jacqueline: why haven't you been on the soup, yet? >> gary: i love the soup! people o in our audience is goig...whay what? >> gary: the head of officiating says the nfl's competition committee likely will review the league's taunting rule this offseason and that touchdowns that draw taunting penalties might be taken away on monday night seahawks receiver golden tate received critcism for his taunting on this 80-yard touchdown catch seahawks head coach pete carroll has already said he is 100-percent against such a rule change the rule football >> we worked our butts off. so it is cleared for us to win for s hard as we work. >> gary: he felt so full of anchor when he walked away from football. he signed a $23 million contract skidded $600,000 over six months to satisfy a request from france and he began to sour over the game. rolando mclean. he felt like one that killing someone. enjoy your dinner and we will be back female narrator: it's posturepedic versus beautyrest it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta
of the season for the 49ers. >>> the raiders hosting the eagles sunday at the coliseum, phillies ten points, problems at quarterback. offensively struggling, despite the second best rushing attack in the league. dennis ellis said philly may be 3-5 but still quite dangerous. >> i look at the whole body of work, not just the last couple of weeks. i mean, this is a -- this is a -- an explosive offensive football team that can gain a lot of yards and put a lot of points on the board so we got to understand what we are dealing with. >> got to to guard desean jackson. >>> first game at the 49ers levi's stadium will not be football. soccer, a match between the earthquake and sounders, august 2, 2014 just prior to the start of the 49ers preseason schedule. the quakes beyond excited for the opportunity to kristen the new stadium in santa clara. >> we think is a great spring board into our new stadium which is going to open in 2015, a great way for people to experience in a world cup year a great competitive soccer match. the rivalry between seattle and the bay area a pretty big one. you see it with
available to season ticket holders at levi stadium. >> michael vic will start sunday against the raiders but dennis allen is still worried. at >> the red sox last night this was the first time they had fled the world series at home sent 1918. there were a few reports that an overturned car here and little drunken as that there but most elite people were peaceful with pants hiked adding police officers, good for the city of boston. july after celebrating the team's world series title. >> did their throats a three m m party after the celebration of the world series. >> death st matt williams is now officially the manager of the washington nationals replacing johnson. >> matt williams is one to try his hand and leading man he is a new manager of the washington nationals. july once again the warriors will play the clippers. >> i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched.
, rich monday and fran. football, we've got the eagles taking on the raiders. should be nicer than last week. temperatures in the loaf low 60s. here's a look at your seven-day forecast. wa you're going to see the this area of high pressure is going to give away as we head into the weekend sxp when it does give away, we're going to have temperatures drop as far as about five to ten degrees by sunday and monday. the checker won't work. i'll wrap up right now. here's layla. >> mike is doing his best over here. >> batteries. i need batteries. >> we've had two sig alerts, one of which is only going to protect you if you are heading out to lake tahoe. as we take you into that area, eastbound side of 180. all lanes remain blocked with a 13 mile back updue to a three-car crash involve ago big rig. it was carrying fruits and vegetables. all eastbound lanes still remain blocked. no word yet as to when that's going to get picked up. now back into the bay area, northbound 680 at scott creek road. we have this sig alert in effect. 7 miles per hour is going to be to happen your top speed due to an ea
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)

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